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What Our Customers Have to Say

We would love to hear from you too!

“My six-year-old son said this is the ‘best food he

has EVER eaten’ and I couldn't agree more.”

 - Laura O


“My husband will not usually eat anything unless

it's homemade and he can't get enough of this stuff.”

 - Barbara L


“Just tried our first jar of Mullen's Apple Sauce. My daughter was just recovering from a flu and I needed to give her a BRAT diet (banana, rice, apple sauce & toast). I am going to tell our pediatrician about this. When the kids don't feel like eating, they WILL eat this. I won't be buying any other apple sauce ever..”

 - Southside Fan


"Best. Applesauce. Ever! Holy cow, we’re all in heaven here at work. Soooo good!"

 - Angie


"I was pleasantly surprised at the sweetness and thick texture of your applesauce. Delicious! I will add it to my plain Greek yogurt tomorrow for breakfast. I do plan on purchasing more, and definitely want to support a home boy over the big companies like Mott's. Thanks for a great product!"

 - Lisa C., Munster Indiana


"Exceptional excellent product best tasting ever keep up the good work."

 - Brody A.


"I have to say your product is delicious! Everyone enjoyed it (and the little blurb about how Mullen foods came to be). One of my cousins said it was the best applesauce she ever tasted. I will say it is as good as my grandma's was, and that is a very high compliment. I have never been able to duplicate her recipe, but yours is just as good. I'm very glad it was recommended to me."

 - Debbie O


"We love love love your applesauce in Michigan! It's the kids favorite."

 - Wilson family, Commerce, MI


"ok - I have been meaning to write to you for several weeks now. I gave my kids (who are SUPER picky) your applesauce. they said it was the best applesauce they have ever tasted!! and they had really started rejecting applesauce as a whole until yours!! the stuff is incredible. where can i buy it in Wisconsin? if not - in Illinois? online?"

 - Amy W.


"After getting a taste of your apple sauce at Mariano’s I had to buy a jar and now I’m hooked. It is so good I’m bringing a jar to a dinner party tomorrow instead of wine. I have friends in Hawaii that I’m sending some to and also bootlegging a few jars to friends in Michigan this summer."

 - Dee W.


"We would like to give testimonial to the BEST PRODUCT our family and friends have ever tasted; it is Mullen's Foods Applesauce. It is so delicious, we'd better keep several jars around because whoever we have over for dinner eats it like, as the saying goes,. it's "going out of style". Thanks again!"

 - Bill and Sylvia S.


"I just want you to know that I have recently bought and enjoyed your applesauce thoroughly! It is definitely the very best applesauce I have ever tasted. I am so glad that you have produced this wonderful treat from your Mom's recipe. Thank you! I will share this with everyone I know! Best wishes,"

 - Carol K.


​"Hands down, the best applesauce I have ever eaten! I have been searching for chunky applesauce ever since Motts stopped making it several years ago. I saw Officer Mullen's brand on my local grocer's shelf today and decided to give it a try. I love it!! It does taste just like apple pie without the crust! Thanks!"

 - Judy S. 

"Your applesauce is the best apple sauce I've ever tasted. 10/10 would buy again, ate the whole container in an hour."

-Randy T.

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